How COAST got it’s name!

The history behind the clinic:

Back in 2000 Kerrin Sullivan (previously Williamson) graduated from Victoria University with a dream of opening her own clinic. Having a background in gymnastics and trampolining at Cheltenham Youth Club and going to school in Mentone it was an easy decision to find a location in the Bayside area where people already knew her. Cheltenham was a perfect fit, close to the station and having a shortage of Osteopaths nearby.

The first location was found at 12 Station Rd and renovated with the help of family and friends. Kerrin appointed graphic designer Mark Davies, friend and owner of Bingo Bango to establish her corporate identity and design her logo. This was not an easy task due to the long business name ‘Cheltenham Osteopathic & Sports Therapy Clinic’.

Whilst Mark was designing the logo and working on an acronym for the long business name his father in-law Peter, stuck his head over the table and said “rather than C. O. & S. T if you change the ‘&’ to ‘And’ it spells COAST and from then on Coast Osteo was born.

Over the last 20 years the clinic has relocated twice more, zig zagging it’s way down Station Rd to it’s current location at number 24. The clinic has expanded from 2 treatment rooms, a single Osteopath and no receptionist to where it is today with 5 treatments rooms, a pilates studio, 7 Osteopaths, a Myotherapist and 3 receptionists.

Kerrin is proud of her dedicated team at Coast who have helped to grow and develop the clinic over the last 20 years into the caring and professional place that we know today.