Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

There are numerous causes of low back pain and sciatica such as scoliosis, previous back injury, poor posture and pregnancy.

Osteopaths at COAST can assess structural changes that may lead to immobility and dysfunction. Our Osteopaths then decide which is the most effective course of action by relying principally on physical examination and using manual techniques to treat the condition. They also provide advice on exercise, posture and many other aspects of daily life to assist in the management of your condition.

Muscle and Joint Injuries


Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, osteopaths can assist with prevention of injury as well as treatment of many common sporting injuries.

Common sporting Injuries Osteopaths can treat include:

  • Shoulder, elbow and wrists strains, eg tennis elbow
  • Hip, knee and ankle injuries, eg shin splints

We can also provide a number of stretching exercises that will specifically assist you with avoiding injury through muscle and joint strain.

Headache, Migrane & Jaw Pain


Headache originating from the neck is the most common type of headache. Other varied causes are eyestrain, sinus disease, neck injury (e.g. whiplash), tension headache from stress, poor posture etc., migraines, jaw pain.

Osteopaths work gently with your body to reduce symptoms and help prevent future headaches with advice on posture, exercises and stretching.



Osteopaths at COAST can assess and treat many complaints that are associated with pregnancy. These include neck, back and pelvic pain.

At COAST we have a specially designed pregnancy treatment cushion for your comfort.




Osteopathy’s safe, gentle and effective approach makes it especially suitable for treating babies and children. Common conditions osteopaths treat are.

  • Feeding difficulties
  • Skull deformation (Flat Head)
  • Restricted back and neck movement

Arthritis & Restricted Movement


In life, ageing is a natural physiological process. One part of the body, which is greatly affected by the process of ageing, is the musculo-skeletal system. As we get older, the elasticity present within our body deteriorates and thus increases the chance of injuring the soft tissues and bony structures of the body.

The effects of ageing on the body’s structure gives rise to symptoms such as:

  • generalised, early morning stiffness
  • lower back pain and stiffness
  • neck pain and arm pain
  • hip pain
  • arthritis and joint swelling

It is common for people 55+ to suffer the effects of osteoarthritis and Osteopathic treatment can be used to relieve their symptoms. Osteopaths often work in conjunction with other medical practitioners and realise that patients benefit from a more holistic approach to their health management.