How to reduce plantar fasciitis, footwear advice and more!

Plantar Fasciitis

As an Osteopath a common condition that we see in practice is plantar fasciitis. The prevalence increases in Summer, with bare feet and poor shoe choices or a month or 2 out from the Melbourne marathon, as patients ramp up their training.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the soft tissue underneath the foot. Pain is often felt under the heel (calcaneal bone) and can be worse upon standing first thing in the morning and aggravated with bare feet or poor shoes such as flat thongs. It often starts from over stretching or over use.

Some simple points of advice that I recommend to patients are:

  1. Avoid bare feet
  2. Wear quality runners with cushioning and an arch support for training. For everyday use I recommend Archies thongs* and shoes from Bared Footwear*
  3. Ice, massage and stretching. Store a plastic water bottle filled with water in the freezer to roll under the foot. Incorporate calf stretches, calf raises and massages into your routine.
  4. Shockwave therapy.
  5. For patients with flat feet who want to continue training, Orthotics may also be recommended. Custom made orthotics from a Podiatrist or Orthotist are best but often cost $600-$800. Adjustable off the shelf orthotic inserts can be purchased for about $45.

For further advice and treatment you can book a consult with one of our Osteopaths or call the clinic on 0395831334

By Dr Kerrin Sullivan (Osteopath)

*I do not have any relationship with the shoe companies mentioned.