Mindful Eating

One thing I was conscious of during Febfast (I did no alcohol and sugar) was how much sugar is in many of our processed foods. I started to be more mindful about what I ate which led me to listen to some Podcasts on mindful eating (included in our March Newsletter) and I even signed up to a 5 day mindful meal challenge with Darya Rose.

What I found whilst on the mindful meal challenge was that it made me sit down and consciously eat my food rather than consume my meals standing in the kitchen, whilst driving in the car or at my desk at work. I had to slowly eat my food, put my fork down between bites and listen to when I was full. The most challenging part was to not check my phone whilst sitting and eating but I soon learnt that it will still be there when I am finished. I am a bit of a snacker, especially in the afternoons so I am hoping that this mindful eating will make me think more about whether I am hungry or just thirsty or bored. I am going to try to continue with this way of mindful eating and hope that I don’t slip back into my old ways of eating on the run.

By Kerrin Sullivan

(Osteopath at Cheltenham Osteopathic Clinic)